South Pend Oreille Fire and Rescue continues the volunteer appreciation program called SPOFR Volunteer Spotlight. This is a way to recognize the volunteers when you see them in the community grocery store or at any local activities.

Post: October 2023 Volunteer Spotlight
Liam Nutter – EMT & Firefighter

October 2023 Volunteer Spotlight

Liam Nutter – EMT & Firefighter

This month’s Spotlight Volunteer of the Month is Liam Nutter, who was recently named 2023 Recruit of the Year. He has been with SPOFR for a year and started when his sister saw an ad for an EMT class. Liam said, “I wanted to be an EMT.” After graduation from the EMT class, he went to the SPOFR Fire Academy and works as a Volunteer on Duty for SPOFR. He also served as an EMT on the Oregon Road Fire.

SPOFR fire chief Brad Martin said, “Liam is a hard worker and very dedicated to serving the residents of Pend Oreille County with pride in all he does.”

Liam currently is a full-time EMT for POEMS, as well as a resident volunteer EMT and Firefighter for SPOFR. His ultimate career goal is to become a paramedic firefighter.

Congratulations, Liam, on being our Rookie Firefighter of the Year and this month’s Volunteer Spotlight recipient.

Rick O’Brien
Public Information Officer