Commissioners and Staff

Fire Commissioners:

  • Commission Chairman Galen Hansen
  • Commission Vice Chairman Ed Funkhouser
  • Commission Finance Officer Diane Shantz
  • Commissioner Dennis Gullett
  • Commissioner Randy Miller

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Commissioners meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 5:00 pm at Diamond Lake Station 31 unless otherwise noted. The meetings are open to the public.

The board of commissioners consists of elected individuals who serve six-year alternating terms and are responsible for governing the operations of the District. The board is responsible for the following areas:

  • Determining levels of service and establishing goals.
  • Determining type and level of funding, approve budgets and tax levies.
  • Establishing policies and approve operational procedures.
  • Employing key personnel and supervising the chief.
  • Guiding strategic planning.
  • Representing the District to the public.


Chief: Daniel Williams
Assistant Chief: Mike Nokes
Battalion Chief: Larry Hiebert
Operations Captain: Jennifer Krusing
EMS Captain: Coral McLain
Public Information Officer: Rick O’Brien
Secretary to the Board: Laura Smith-Johnson
Webmaster: Laura Smith-Johnson

Up Next …

District Fire Chief

Interim Chief Daniel Williams

Dan Williams began his career with the Fire Service in 2005 as a volunteer with Spokane 4. He said, “I actually fell in love with it. I love the comradery of the Fire Service and EMS Service. It’s a small community and everybody’s got your back. They look after you, they help you and they train you.”

Dan continued, “In 2010 I got my paramedic and I love EMS. I worked for Deer Park Ambulance for 5 years and I also volunteered for Spokane 4. Then in 2015 I got hired by Life Flight as a Flight Paramedic. Then I got hired full-time by SCFD4 in September of 2020. Currently I am the Division Chief of EMS for SCFD4.”

Dan met his wife while he was with the Fire Department and they went through the paramedic program together. “I have a beautiful, smart and loving 10-year-old little girl.”

Spokane 4 Division Chief Daniel Williams will be providing onsite support 3 to 4 days a week and former SPOFR Fire Chief and current Assistant Chief Mike Nokes will also be available for consultation as needed.

Daniel Williams
Daniel WilliamsInterim Fire Chief