South Pend Oreille Fire and Rescue continues the volunteer appreciation program called SPOFR Volunteer Spotlight. This is a way to recognize the volunteers when you see them in the community grocery store or at any local activities.


Paul Haa

Paul Haa
Diamond Lake Station

This month’s recipient is Paul Haa, as announced by Chief Brad Martin.

Paul has been with SPOFR for the past thirteen years and started out as a Water Tender Driver. Then one day a truck needed repairs and Paul said, “Why don’t we buy a kit and fix it?” Since then, he has been in high demand. On wildland fires, if any equipment is in need of repairs, Paul is called on . He is classified as a Firefighter 1 and many times is in charge of an engine, or a tender or filling SCBA air bottles.

Paul said, “If somebody needs something, they call me, and I am usually around.”

Paul and his wife Randy have two children and three grandchildren.

Chief Martin said, “Anytime we call, Paul is quick to respond to help us out.”

Congratulations, Paul, on being our April Spotlight recipient.

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