Click on the words and pictures for some fun fire prevention and life safety activities.



THE BE READY BOOK: The Red Cross wants to help you prepare for disasters that may happen in your community. A disaster is a sudden and unexpected event that causes damage and affects peoples lives. Some examples of disasters are floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, storms and tornados.

The "Be Ready Book" will help you be ready for three possible disasters that could happen to your family: home fires, winter storms and earthquakes. Complete this book and learn what to do before and during a disaster. The activity book is available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. Click on the image at the right for the book of your choice.


CROSSWORD PUZZLES: Click on the blue words or crossword puzzle picture to view and download free puzzles from our collection of regular print fire prevention and life safety crossword puzzles. Each PDF file includes a puzzle grid page with definitions, and a solution page.