To proudly serve our community by executing the duties charged to us by our profession. We will continually educate ourselves and use our skills to serve and protect our community, county and country.


  • Professionalism: We strive to be the best at what we do. We perform our jobs to the highest degree of skill and competency. Our appearance and conduct promotes confidence and trust from the public, other Departments, and Honor, Integrity, and Truthfulness) Do the right thing and always encourage others to do the right, honest and ethical things.
  • Honor, Integrity, and Truthfulness: Do the right thing and always encourage others to do the right, honest and ethical things.
  • Respectful: (Attitude, Communication, and Cooperation) Treat others with the same personal and professional consideration we expect for ourselves, promote a can do attitude in everything we do. We are the Best; and success happens through TEAMWORK
  • Balanced: Manage our time for the three most important things; Family, Job and the Fire Department.
  • Educator and Student: Learn from each other, teach, coach and listen. Create an environment where everyone can excel!
  • Initiators and Change Agent: Seek opportunities, use good judgment, accept change, embrace it, initiate it, and do everything better and safer for our partners.
  • Accountable: Know your responsibilities, live up to your commitments!


South Pend Oreille Fire and Rescue was created by voter approved mergers of Pend Oreille Fire District No. 3, Pend Oreille Fire District No. 1 and Pend Oreille Fire District No. 7 in 2010. This includes the Diamond and Sacheen Lake areas, the Camden, Fertile Valley and the Deer Valley areas. The merger has been an effective addition to the service to our community and we offer a higher level of service than we have experienced in the recent past.

The 150 square mile area is served by five fire stations with a roster of approximately 45 volunteer firefighters supported by two full-time and two part-time staff members. The volunteers have training in structural and wildland firefighting, EMS, hazmat response and vehicle extrication. Our roster includes 17 certified EMS personnel who provide primarily Basic Life Support response. One one of our full-time staff memebers is a Paramedic. All of our Firefighters are trained in advanced first aid and are CPR qualified.

The area we serve is mostly rural urban interface in nature and offers occasional challenge in access and travel times. Our average response time for all calls is currently 8-10 minutes from the time 911 is called till the first arriving unit. We are on track to run about 400 calls for service in 2016, of those about 75% are EMS and we average about 10 working structure fires a year. The members train three times per month to maintain their skills in our profession.